10 Ways Eureka DevSecOps Platform Delivers Value

Eureka DevSecOps Platform can help you get the most value from your tools, better identify real security issues, and reduce your business risk. Here are 10 ways Eureka DevSecOps Platform delivers value. 

1. Eureka centrally configures and orchestrates your scanners 

This allows you easily manage multiple security tools in one central hub, reducing time and complexity. 

2. Eureka keeps your scan data in your environment 

We create the required storage in your cloud environment, allowing you to maintain control over your data for maximum privacy. 

3. With Eureka, you can easily integrate your scanners with CI/CD pipelines 

This allows you to increase your development and production speed while ensuring security is built into your application by design.

Eureka DevSecOps by Forward Security

4. Eureka allows you to Bring Your Own Scanner (commercial or open source) 

Allowing you to combine multiple scanners to ensure maximum security coverage.

5. Eureka runs the scanning agents inside your own environment.

We create your storage environment in your cloud so you are always in control of your data.

Eureka DevSecOps Platform by Forward Security

6. Eureka correlates and normalizes the results of multiple scanners into one central report 

This allows you to reduce the number of false positives, making it easier to manage your application security risks, and ensure actual threats don’t go unnoticed.

7. Eureka combines security issues to create threat scenarios and assign risk 

When running multiple scanners independently, these scanners aren’t talking to each other, so a low threat found on one scan, combined with a low threat from another scanner may actually be a pathway to a much more serious threat.

8. Get better view of risks based on data from manual and automated processes 

By correlating issues from both manual and automated processes, Eureka looks for patterns and identifies threats that may otherwise go unnoticed. 

9. Eureka filters and pushes issues to your issue tracking system 

Eureka makes it easy to integrate with your favourite issue tracking tools such as Jira, Git Issues, or Azure DevOps. This allows you to keep track of your application’s security and non-security issues and tickets in one place.  

10. Eureka DevSecOps does not access or store your data

You can use your own encryption, standards, compliance protocols, etc. plus you have all the benefits of the cloud. 

If you want to try the Eureka DevSecOps Platform, check it out on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.


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