Cloud Security Services

Your trusted advisors in the cloud adoption journey
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Cloud security is a shared responsibility

For businesses making the transition to the cloud, security is vital. Our Cloud Security experts can help you build security into your cloud infrastructure, providing the peace of mind your organization needs to push forward.

Assessments performed in-house by a team of cloud security experts

Many security service providers do not hire staff with credentials in cloud security. Our team are made
up of certified AWS and Azure security consultants who have the knowledge and experience in cloud
pentesting, design and architecture needed to secure cloud infrastructure.

Our Services:

Whether you’re currently building a Cloud based environment to host your sensitive applications or have an existing Cloud environment in place, our cloud security experts can help ensure your cloud infrastructure is secure.

Our team can assist with designing a secure environment for your business by using their expert domain knowledge to apply best practices in Azure and AWS security, as well as manage any other business or regulatory requirements.

Cloud Security Design Baseline

Build security into your cloud infrastructure design from the start.

Design a secure AWS environment for your business

Address compliance and regulatory requirements

Develop a plan to help utilize cloud environment across your organization

Output: Design and security controls will be documented to create a baseline that can be used as a blueprint for deploying secure Cloud environments across your organization.

Cloud Security Risk Assessment

Expert assessment of your current AWS environment.

Understand vulnerabilities and weaknesses of your current AWS environment

Identify and mitigate potential threats to your organization

Obtain a comprehensive report, prioritizing controls that address the highest risk for your environment

Output: A comprehensive report will be provided that details a prioritized list of security issues along with mitigating controls specific to your AWS, GCP, or Azure deployment.

Cloud Security Logging & Monitoring

Know you are being attacked before it’s too late.

Use the right AWS services to monitor your digital assets in the cloud

Identify relevant threat scenarios and ensure appropriate detection controls are in place

Raise alerts based on what matters most and help take appropriate action

Output: Improved cloud security posture, early threat detection, faster incident response, and better protection of your digital assets in your cloud environment.