Why Choose Forward Security

Enhance your security posture

With attacks on the rise and attackers continuously evolving, so too should your testing approach. Our team of experts replicate real-world threats to find weaknesses in your security.

We Understand your Industry

When founding Forward Security, we carefully selected domains where we have the most expertise. Rather than trying to service everyone, our core focus resides in three industries:

  • Fintech & finserv
  • Health tech
  • eCommerce

We understand your industry and have expertise with the various systems, protocols, regulations, and threat landscape such as HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, PSD 2, FINRA, and others.

We Standardize with OWASP ASVS & CIS Benchmarks

The OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) & CIS Benchmarks provide a basis for testing application technical security controls. We follow ASVS, CIS, Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and other industry best practices. This enables us to break down access control into granular steps to look for specific issues and test cases. In addition, it provides a repeatable and standardized process so that nothing gets missed and we deliver consistent results, every time.

Have you booked your annual penetration test yet?

Strengthen your security posture while proving compliance. Our annual penetration tests help you identify and remediate critical vulnerabilities in your cloud or application. For a deeper level of investigation and protection, we recommend performing at least one comprehensive application security risk assessment, which includes: Discovery, Threat Modeling, Penetration Testing, and Finalization.

We Adhere to US Executive Order 14028

The United States Executive Order 14028 takes important steps to bringing more security awareness to organizations when developing application security and cloud security, utilizing methods such as:

• Incident tracking
• Software testing
• Reporting
• Data Encryption

• Multi-factor authentication
• Zero trust
• Risk-based approach

This mandate is a top priority for the government to ensure companies conduct their digital assets in a safe manner.

We are Software Developers

We have a strict hiring process — we only hire former software developers.

Having prior experience building software and infrastructure, our team understands how systems are built and can go deeper to find more meaningful issues. Someone who has built it before knows how to take it apart. Whereas someone who has never built it before is not going to be able to take it apart and find the problems all that well.

We’ve even developed our own security tool called Eureka DevSecOps Platform.

We Built Eureka DevSecOps Platform

The Eureka DevSecOps Platform allows you to centrally orchestrate your scanners, correlate the results, and manage your application security threats and risks* to get the most value from your tools and better identify real security issues.

We Have Global Experience

Having worked for large enterprises such as HSBC and BMO (among many others) gives us a broad view of the challenges and solutions within your industry and allows us to apply best-in-class practices for any size organization.

With experience ranging from global enterprises down to regional institutions, we can right-size the approach as needed.

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