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Eureka devsecops user manual
Eureka DevSecOps Platform User Manual
1. If you wish to create another project click the Eureka Icon/ Home button 2. Click the Create New Project and fill in the details as needed 3. You can…
Eureka DevSecOps Installation-guide
Eureka DevSecOps Platform Installation Guide
NOTE: As a prerequisite, please ensure the person completing these details are an Admin of the subscription. 1. Navigate to the Marketplace Offer 2. Select Eureka from the list of…
Penetration Testing: How Often Should You Test?
How often should I do penetration testing? It’s a question that comes up regularly. The short answer is: it depends.  The frequency of pentesting depends on the organization’s specific needs…
Case Study: Eureka DevSecOps Platform
The Background Our client in the data analytics sector had implemented DevOps automation and CI/CD pipelines but without any security in the mix. This is quite common as some organizations…
Application Security for Busy Tech Execs

We have created this series to help busy technology executives like you navigate through the cloudy and often poorly understood field of application security and array of options out there. In this series we will discuss some of the key pillars of application security in 1-2 min video capsules to save you time and help make the best decision.