Application Security Services

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Businesses are increasingly relying on applications in order to succeed in this digitally enabled world. Meanwhile, development teams are under increasing pressure to launch new products and features on tight timelines, which can leave costly vulnerabilities for your organization.

Attackers are shifting their focus to software applications, which means it’s never been more critical to ensure a strong application security program for your organization.


Assessments performed in-house by a team of software experts

Many security service providers do not hire staff with a background in software development. Without this background, it’s difficult to truly understand how applications work, which can leave your business open to unexpected risk.

At Forward, we’re proud to offer an application security team made up of ex-software developers who have the specialized knowledge and experience required to form a strong partnership with our client’s teams. Working closely together at all stages of software development lifecycle, we ensure security is baked into applications and vulnerabilities are addressed early.

Our Services:

4-Stage Comprehensive Risk Assessment for Application and Cloud

Penetration Testing for Application and Cloud

Security Design Review & Threat Modelling


Code Security & Vulnerable Dependency Analysis