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Leverage our expertise in financial security

We partner with financial services and financial technology companies to ensure their applications and cloud systems are built and operated securely. 

Our risk-based approach takes the unique context of your business into consideration to identify and prioritize issues, and focus your resources where it matters most.

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Leveraging our expertise in financial security

Having experience securing software applications and cloud infrastructure for companies in the financial sector such as HSBC and Neo Financial, our team of security experts have a fundamental understanding of the industry standards, regulation, and technologies such as: PCI, PSD 2, OSFI, FIPS, SOC 2, FINRA, GLBA, ACH, SWIFT, CHIPS, Fedwire, Open Banking, and more.

Reduce Business Risk

Many cybersecurity companies mistakenly use the term risk when referring to severity of an issue which has no business context.

With our roots in banking, we follow a risk-based approach when identifying and reporting issues, working with you to understand the impact to your business.

We believe this is the only effective way to prioritize issues, and focus resources on where the most immediate benefit is gained to reduce risk.

Modernize Your Application, Securely

As the use of APIs, Open Banking, microservices, and Cloud become more prevalent, companies in the financial sector must adapt rapidly and securely. 

Learn more about how you can design secure APIs and microservices.

Achieve Compliance

Finserv and Fintech systems are required to adhere to a high standard of security to protect their customers’ digital assets and prove compliance.

This requires domain expertise and understanding of key standards and regulations such as PCI, PSD 2, OSFI, FIPS, SOC 2, FINRA, GLBA. Most of these do not provide details related to software or cloud security controls, which result in difficulty with implementation and assessment activities.

Our team brings global expertise in the financial sector to provide the right sized solution in helping you meet your compliance objectives when it comes to application and cloud security.

Introductory offers

Our team brings global expertise in the financial sector to provide the right sized solution. To get started, we put together two introductory offers that will help you reduce your business risk, modernize your application securely, and achieve compliance.

Introductory offer

(based on medium
sized application)

#1. Application Security Risk Assessment for Financial Sector

Many applications in the financial industry require high levels of security assurance and are considered critical such as those that perform high-value financial transactions, contain large amounts of sensitive data, or require data integrity.

Our AppSec Risk Assessment service is aligned with OWASP’s ASVS Level 3 set of controls and best-in-class industry practices to provides the right level of technical assessment depth required by such applications.

This includes an end-to-end detailed design review, threat modelling, white box pentesting (including code analysis), and risk assessment.

Introductory offer

Free two-hour DevSecOps
capability maturity assessment
and roadmap creation

#2. Eureka DevSecOps Transformation Services

With secure SDLC and DevSecOps a priority for many financial organizations, and a shortage of subject matter experts, companies often struggle to meet their security objectives.

Whether you are at the start, or part way on your DevSecOps implementation journey, our team can bring our global expertise in the finserv and fintech industry to help you get there faster and more effectively.

When it comes to rolling out secure SLDC and DevSecOps for the financial sector, we have you covered – from selection and incorporation of security tools in the CI/CD pipeline, identifying and deploying security requirements, participating in threat modelling and solution design, to mentoring and training the team.


A Word From Our Clients

Our Four-Stage Risk Assessment Process

Pentesting is a commonly used approach to test the security vulnerability of software applications, but it doesn’t give you the full picture.

Using OWASP’s Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS), our end-to-end Application Security Risk Assessment goes beyond pentesting.

We follow a four-stage process including a discovery and design review, threat modelling, pentesting including code and vulnerability analysis, and risk assessment to deliver a comprehensive report of your application’s security posture.

This is a more complete analysis than pentesting alone and provides your team with a clearer path forward to securing your organization’s most valuable assets.

Threat Modeling