Blockchain & Smart Contract Security Services

Your trusted smart contract experts in the blockchain adaption journey

Audit Your Smart Contracts to Avoid Breaches

As blockchain and smart contracts conquer the technology industry, security is vital to ensure long term success. Our blockchain security experts provide design and risk assessment services to help you build security into your smart contracts, providing the peace of mind your organization needs to push forward.

Our Services:

Smart Contract Security Design Baseline

If you are developing an application involving smart contracts to handle sensitive data or have an existing smart contract based application, our blockchain security experts can help ensure your assets are secure. Our team will apply their domain knowledge and best practices to perform a security design review of your smart contracts, identifying security gaps, and recommending controls to create a secure baseline.

Output: Design and security controls will be documented to create a baseline that can be used as a blueprint for deploying secure smart contracts.

Smart Contract Risk Assessment

Assessing the security of your smart contract based application is important to understand the threats and vulnerabilities facing your business and how to address them. Our Smart Contract Risk Assessment service begins with a security design review and threat modelling to identify potential threat scenarios, followed by a vulnerability assessment based on industry benchmarks to identify the specific areas of weakness.

Output: A report will be provided that include a prioritized list of security issues along with relevant details and mitigating controls specific to your smart contracts.

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