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The AppSec Insiders Podcast is a fun and engaging conversation around application and cloud security. Each week, our hosts bring you their fresh perspective of what’s happening in the world of cybersecurity.

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Meet The AppSec Insiders

Iman Sharafaldin

Application and Cloud Security Lead

Passionate about all things code, Iman has more than 8 years of cybersecurity and software related experience.

He is also a PhD candidate in computer science with more than one thousand citations on his cybersecurity related publications. Iman enjoys hiking in his spare time.

Designations & Certifications: PhD Comp. Sci., AWS Solutions Architect, OSWE.

Farshad Abasi

Founder and Chief Security Officer

An innovative technologist with over twenty years of experience in security, software design and development, network and system architecture and management.

Farshad spent a decade as a senior member of HSBC’s IT security team and currently leads OWASP’s Vancouver chapter.

Designations & Certifications: CISSP, AWS Security Professional, Azure Security Engineer.

Jared Meit

Senior Application Security Consultant

Jared has always had a passion for taking things apart, learning how they work, and forgetting how to put them back together. He brings more than twelve years of professional software development, and a zeal for all things security.

His AppSec experience at one of the “Big Four” accounting rms informs the deep level of care and scrutiny that he applies to all projects.

Designations & Certifications: OSWE, Azure Security Engineer.

Jordan Sherman

Senior Application Security Consultant

Jordan brings over 8+ years of experience as a software engineer in FinTech.

As an AppSec consultant, he is passionate about secure coding, pentesting and DevSecOps.

With his wealth of experience, and a bucket of the nest single-origin coffee, Jordan is eager to help you secure your companies’ most valuable assets.

Designations & Certifications: OSWE, AWS Cloud Practitioner, AWS Certified Security – Specialty


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The Attacks on the CICD Pipeline (Part 1)

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The Attacks on the CICD Pipeline (Part 2)

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