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In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, organizations are under more pressure than ever to protect themselves and their customers against the threats of cybercrime. We aim to take the complexity out of software security for your organization with a best-practice approach, in order to let you focus on what’s most important, building your business.

Introducing Eureka!

An End-to-End DevSecOps Platform

The Eureka! Platform allows you to centrally orchestrate your scanners, correlate the results, and manage your application security threats and risks to get the most value from your tools and better identify real security issues.

Application Security

AppSec Risk Assessment

Go beyond pentesting with our comprehensive 4-stage approach to application security.

Eureka DevSecOps as-a-Service

Our managed service that embeds the people, processes, and technology your DevOps team needs to achieve code security at speed.

Eureka! DevSecOps Platform

Eureka! is a centralized platform to orchestrate your scanners, correlate the results, and manage your application security threats and risks.

Additional Security Services

Cloud Security

For businesses making the transition to the cloud, security is vital. Our Cloud Security experts can help you build security into your design, ensuring a more secure Cloud adoption journey.


We use a four-stage process that includes a security design and code review to deliver a comprehensive assessment of your IoT application’s security posture.

Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Our blockchain security experts provide design and risk assessment services to help you build security into your smart contracts.

Information Security

Information is an organization’s most critical asset. We help you stay compliant with applicable regulations and keep a firm grip on your organization’s security posture.

Security Training

Humans are often the weakest link in your security. Forward Security’s instructors can train your team to apply the right security, at the right time, in the right places.


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