Securing Modern API- and Microservices-Based Apps by Design

This white paper brings together the joint knowledge and expertise of Forward Security & Scrut Automation.

What’s in the White Paper?

This whitepaper explores the concept of DevSecOps and its significance in building resilient, secure, and compliant software delivery pipelines. It delves into the strategies, best practices, and tools required to successfully leverage DevSecOps principles, ultimately fostering a culture of security and compliance across the entire CI/CD ecosystem.

The CI/CD ecosystem is a set of tools, practices, and processes used in so­ftware development to automate the continuous integration, testing, and deployment of code changes. It allows developers to collaborate, build, and test code automatically, ensuring the rapid and reliable delivery of high-quality software to production environments.

To address the dichotomy between speed and security, the concept of DevSecOps has emerged as a fundamental shift in mindset and practices.

Leveraging DevSecOps to Integrate Security & Compliance into CI/CD Pipelines

This whitepaper aims to provide CISOs and security professionals with a comprehensive understanding of DevSecOps and its role in integrating security and compliance into CI/CD pipelines.

By examining real-world examples and industry best practices, we will explore how organizations can leverage DevSecOps principles to:

  • Embed security and compliance controls throughout the software development lifecycle, from design and coding to testing and deployment.
  • Establish a collaborative culture that fosters shared responsibility and cooperation between development, operations, and security teams.
  • Implement automated security testing and scanning mechanisms to identify vulnerabilities early and consistently across the CI/CD pipeline.
  • Integrate security and compliance metrics into existing DevOps performance indicators to drive accountability and continuous improvement.
  • Streamline and automate compliance processes, reducing the burden of manual audits and ensuring adherence to regulatory standards.

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