Build Secure Apps

The Eureka DevSecOps Platform allows you to build more secure apps by centrally orchestrating all your open-source and commercial security scanners, correlating the results into one report, and managing your application security threats and risks.

Take your DevOps to DevSecOps.

A DevSecOps Platform for Secure Applications

Add Security into Your CI/CD Pipeline

AI is on the rise, and helping dev teams produce code faster than ever before. This has drastically increased the need for automated scanners such as SAST, DAST, and SCA. If you use automation tools, then you need Eureka DevSecOps Platform.

Whether you have no scanners, some scanners, or many scanners, Eureka can help.

No Scanners

We make it easier for you to get started. If you’re looking to add security automation into the mix, it’s much easier and cheaper to start with Eureka DevSecOps Platform since it comes with MergeBase and Semgrep.

Some Scanners

If you have some scanners, Eureka can provide a lot of value, allowing your dev team to run scans in one central hub, produce one report with normalized results, and reduce the number of scanners they need to manage and maintain.

Many Scanners

For dev teams using multiple scanners, they understand the pain point of having multiple tools to manage and maintain, multiple reports that are not normalized, and an endless list of false-positives that are difficult to triage and remedy. What often ends up happening, is they are too overwhelmed with false-positives and they end up not using the scanners altogether. This is obviously not a secure or practical solution.

The Eureka DevSecOps Platform addresses these challenges by allowing you to centrally orchestrate your scanners, correlate the results, and manage your application security threats and risks.

We Have the Scanners to
Support Your Tech Stack

Eureka makes it easy to use a variety of applications and cloud security DevSecOps tools such as SAST, SCA, and DAST etc. together. Having multiple tools and data formats can be diffcult to handle by developers and prone to mistakes being made.

Eureka provides a normalized view of issue details reported by different scanners to allow for easier understanding and action from a single platform. Open-source scanners are supported out of the box and you can also bring your own licenses for commercial scanners.

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  • Bring Your Own Scanner (BYOS) (commercial or open source)*
  • Centrally configure and orchestrate your scanners
  • Easily integrate your scanners with CI/CD pipelines*
  • Run the scanning agents inside your own environment
  • Keep the scan data in your own environment for maximum privacy
  • Correlate security issues to reduce false positives
  • Filter and push issues to your issue tracking system*
  • Join security issues to create threat scenarios and assign risk
  • Get better view of risks based on data from manual and automated processes

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automation to your DevOps?

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