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Application Security for Busy Tech Execs

We have created this series to help busy technology executives like you navigate through the cloudy and often poorly understood field of application security and array of options out there. In this series we will discuss some of the key pillars of application security in 1-2 min video capsules to save you time and help make the best decision.

The Three Pillars of Implementing DevSecOps
With application-related attacks on the rise, it’s never been more critical to ensure that security is baked into the fabric of your software development and operation practices. Furthermore, addressing issues early in the…
Why ASVS Is The Gold Standard For Application Security
According to Contrast Security’s 2020 Application Security Observation Report, 96% of web apps have at least one vulnerability, and 26% of those are serious. The continued proliferation of application vulnerabilities…
Securing Modern API and Microservices-Based Apps by Design – Part 1
Combine existing security concepts and best practices together and design more secure distributed applications.  Introduction  A common approach to modernizing applications is to use APIs and decompose them into smaller units that typically live in containers. These approaches involve many concepts…